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History of the Château de Charbonnières

Château de Charbonnières

In the 15th Century, the property was deeded to a nobleman, Jehan Guarin, Esquire, Seigneur de Charbonnières. In the 16th Century a castle was erected, complete with moat and drawbridge. It was frequented by Henry IV of France, who actually created an historic route that today still travels through Charbonnières, France. The real magic happened in the 19th Century, when the Count of Chamoy (Auguste Rousseau de Chamoy) added the Chateau to the existing castle, creating an entirely new look of troubadour style with friezes, pinnacles, turrets and gables. This started an epoch of lavish living, notoriety and was the region’s “Downton Abbey”. The Count spent years redeveloping the 32 hectares into “zones”, with a forest, meadows, gardens and horse stables. All of this exists today, as it did over the centuries.