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Château de Charbonnières

Let the dreaming begin. You've arrived.


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Château de Charbonnières

The 16th Century has returned. But, this time, with a state-of-art renovation that offers a 2012 standard of living.

Château de Charbonnières

This isn't a fairy tale. It's your home. It's a private world of its own.

Grand and Graceful

The 16th Century castle (pictured left) was annexed with the stunning Chateau (pictured right) in the 19th Century. What resulted was a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

A Private Land to Call Your Own

The Château de Charbonnières sits on 32 hectares (79 acres) of meadows, rivers, ponds, forests and gardens; without anyone else within sight or sound. Not even airplanes can fly overhead in this protected region known as Le Perche-Gouët.

Inspired by Versailles?

The Château features a massive, private garden, complete with Orangerie. Transform this garden into a floral oasis, and enjoy endless strolls among your masterpiece flowers and plants.

A Rose by Any Other Name...

Shakespeare wrote that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Well, you can make this garden smell just as sweet, and make this your personal garden.

The Outdoor Life

With four horse stables, the Château gives you plenty of reasons to step outside and enjoy the massive 32 hectare estate. There's even a fence-enclosed horse field with paddock.

The Stately Estate

With the many vantage points of the Château, you will be constantly reminded how extraordinary this lifestyle can be. Few can experience it. You can own it.

A Winter Wonderland

Every season of the year has something to enjoy at the Château de Charbonnières. Winters offer something special, with the coziness of wood burning in the fireplaces, and decorations for the holidays.

The Grand Living Spaces

Let's have a look around the interior spaces of the Château. After a complete restoration, the property is ready for a modern lifestyle.

The Grand Hall

Wood floor accents, coffered ceilings, new double-paned glass windows and many other details are found throughout the Château.

Grand Dining

Ready for a formal affair? The Château has multiple rooms for dining, entertaining and welcoming your guests.

Elegant. Traditional. Superb.

Every room of the Château offers something special. Its original design is as effective today as it was in the 16th and 19th Centuries, maximizing the use of space and flowing freely from one room into another.

Details. Details. Details.

With every step, look up. Look down. Look around. You will be drawn to the many design details, many of them hand-carved out of wood centuries ago.

The Castle Kitchen

The kitchen is the transition point between the 16th Century castle and the 19th Century Château. It is spacious and traditional, yet equipped with modern appliances such as Miele. The appliances are concealed to give the tradtional look to this otherwise modern kitchen.


The Château offers 15 separate bedrooms, all with ensuite bath and many with private salons.


No two bedrooms are alike. Each has its own character.


There's even a small apartment-style suite of rooms.

Grand Staircase

The main staircase serves all levels, and is adorned with a stunning wrought iron design. There are separate staircases for domestic employees, as well.

The Château Attic

The attic area is the newest addition to the Château, and covers the entire footprint below. There are many possible uses of this wide and open space.

The Château Attic

Whether it's a home gym, media room, play room or any one of many possible other types of rooms, the attic awaits.

The Wine Cellers

As far as French history goes back, wine production and storage was a part of every home. The The Château has an extensive, classic wine celler that any wine connaisseur will appreciate.

Additional Houses on The Estate

The Château de Charbonnières has two complete detached houses on the estate, typically used in the past for service staff. Today, the homes are fully-functional homes that can be used as separate residences, offices or accomodation for domestic employees.

The Green House

The French Garden offers a greenhouse for year-round growing and planting.

The Stable

The horse stable provide four large stalls, and is located near the French Gardens.

Other Areas

The back entryways to the separate homes (pictured right) sit adjacent to the large covered car park (pictured left).